Loan Syndication

Our loan syndication desk will provide comprehensive services covering:
Loan Appraisal
Preparation of loan application files / documentation
Negotiation with banks for the best terms to you.
We will also help you in restructuring of existing loans and swapping of loans on more favourable terms.

Equity Transaction Services

Our equity advisory services cover entire gamut of equity related transactions:
Advise small and mid cap companies to tap equity from PE firms / strategic investors
Business plan development
Business valuation
Assist in share pricing and negotiations
Pre-IPO Advisory Services

Mergers & Acquisitions
Identify M&A opportunities
Assist in price negotiations
Assist in due diligence process

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Restructuring
Financial Re-engineering and optimization strategies
Strategic advisory for financing growth
Business Diversification Strategy

NRIs and Young Entrepreneurs Business Investment Advisory

We aim to provide an alternative investment platform for investors with possibility of hands-on management in the investee companies.

Suitable for entrepreneurs of new or existing business looking for a like minded partner as co-investor (start-ups and small businesses.)

Brings together entrepreneurs and investors around new small business initiatives.

Our services cover:
New business idea evaluation
Investment opportunity evaluation for co-investors
Feasibility study appraisal
Forming investor’s syndicate
Portfolio management services to investors
Exit strategy to investors

Islamic Finance & Investment Advisory

Advising HNW / NRI investors seeking Shariah compliant investment opportunities within India. Investments could be by way of private equity funding, direct equity funding, debt funding using Shariah compliant structures  etc...